What does the UK Governments announcement on burning wood mean for you?

As you might have heard over the past few days, the UK Government has announced that the sale of some wood and coal is to be banned. What does this mean for the firewood and coal that you buy and burn from Edinburgh Wood Fuel? Will you still be able to do this?

The answer is yes.

What has been announced?

In response to their consultation on Cleaner Domestic Burning of Solid Fuels the UK Government has announced that sales of house coal and wet wood will be phased out in England from next year.

  • Sales of traditional bagged house coal will be phased out by February 2021, with the sale of loose coal direct to customers via approved merchants by February 2023; and
  • Sales of wet wood will be restricted from February 2021.

In the future manufactures of solid fuels will need to evidence that they have very low sulphur content and only emit a small amount of smoke. All manufactured solid fuels will need to be labelled as compiling with the new regulations.

The UK Government has not announced a ban on fires or wood burning stoves, it is just a ban on the most polluting types of fuel, wet wood and house coal.

What does this mean for our customers?

The good news is you will still be able to burn the firewood we sell, provided you comply with the clean air legislation (please see our Blog ‘What can you burn in Edinburgh’s smoke-controlled area?)

The restrictions announced by the UK Government only apply to England. They do not apply in Scotland. The Scottish Government is currently considering its position, but we anticipate they will introduce similar measures in the coming months.

The restrictions are only on the sale of certain types of fuel, mainly wet wood and house coal. Wet wood is defined as wood with a moisture content of above 20%. All Edinburgh Wood Fuel firewood has a moisture content of below 20%. It is dry wood and complies with the new regulations. The smokeless coal that we sell also complies.

We will be working with our suppliers to ensure the solid fuels we stock also comply with these new regulations.

Edinburgh Wood Fuel supports the Governments announcement. Wet wood is not only more polluting than dry wood, it is also far less efficient to burn. Dry wood not only produces less smoke and pollution than wet wood, but it is also cheaper and more efficient to burn. This is why we have always sold dry firewood. The UK Governments announcement will not require us to change the products we sell. We have always sought to provide our customers with high quality, dry firewood to ensure they receive an efficient a burn as possible and maximise the warmth generated for their homes.