Softwood Firewood

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Our softwood logs are usually mixes species which may include spruce, larch and pine. Softwood logs are often seen to be of poor quality, however softwood logs can be a top quality log providing they are correctly seasoned and dry. We supply top quality softwood logs which we recommend are used in wood burning stoves only due to the nature of the wood (spitting). A softwood log burns faster but hotter than a hardwood log.
Edinburgh Wood Fuel supplies high quality, barn stored, well seasoned and dry firewood. Our firewood has a moisture content below 20%.

The timber used to create our logs is felled and left to season for between 6-12 months or kiln dried.Once cut, split and netted it is stored in barns to allow air to circulate. The result of this systematic approach provides a top quality product which is ready to burn. Our logs are approximately 20-25cm (8-10inches) in length and are supplied in net bags which measure (45 x 60cm). The nets are tightly packed containing on average between 10-16 logs per handy net. Our logs are well split to ensure the smaller wood burning stoves can accommodate.