Coronavirus Update

Following the Prime Minsters announcements last night this article sets Edinburgh Wood Fuel’s current position in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.

For the time being we will be continuing to take orders and make deliveries, as we provide an essential service keeping our customers homes warm. However we want to avoid all contact with customers to protect the health of our customers and delivery team, so:

* Please only order wood and related products if you really need it.

* If you see one our delivery team please do not be tempted to go out and see them. Please just let them make their delivery and only go and get your products once the van has left.

* Where not required to gain access to to a common stair or garden we will not be ringing door bells or buzzers. You will receive an email to confirm that your wood has been delivered. To assist us with this, if you are expecting a delivery we would appreciate if any gates could be left open.

* We will not be placing wood in log stores or shed, we will be leaving it on ‘door steps’.

* We will not be offering a stacking service

* We will not be accepting cash or cheque payments

We appreciate that these measures may inconvenience some of our customers but they are essential to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

We will keep the situation under review and update this page with any changes.