What should I be burning in my Chimenea or Firepit?

With the evenings extending, the sun shinning (well at least some of the time) and us all being confined to our houses and gardens, it is a great time to get that firepit or chimenea on. But are you wondering what is best to burn?

We would recommend burning wood in your chimenea or firepit, but it should be well seasoned, dry wood, not wood that has just been felled or has not been left to dry out. Burning wet wood will produce lots of smoke and little flame – it will not make for the most pleasant evening around the fire!

Hardwood is generally the best option. We would not recommend using softwood as it ‘spits’ when burnt and we do not want anyone getting hit by a stray spark.

Our heat logs are also suitable for use on chimeneas and firepits.  Heat logs can be helpful in getting your fire started and you can then add hardwood, if you wish, once the fire is established.

Charcoal can also be burnt on firepits and chimeneas. However, while charcoal will give you a good heat it is unlikely to generate much of a flame. If you wish to use your chimenea or firepit for cooking, then charcoal is the best option. You can always add wood after you have finished cooking if you are wanting more of a flame.

You will also require some kindling to get the fire going.

If you are using a chimenea smaller lengths of wood will be required to fit inside your chimenea’s chamber. Our logs are approximately 20-25cm in length so are a perfect length for using in chimeneas.

If you are using a clay chimenea we would recommend putting around 3 inches of sand or gravel in the bottom prior to setting and lighting your fire to reduce the chances of cracking.

All you need for enjoying a summers evening around your firepit or chimenea can be found in the Summer Essentials section of our website.